Well, clearly I can do nothing but hope it does lol. I have been beyond remiss in keeping JAUT updated, but it’s not totally without reason. Amid quite a bit of craziness on the home front over the last year and a half or so, I’ve undertaken a personal project that I hope will hit this page in the near future.

NH, my home state, has within its borders hundreds and hundreds of burial grounds. I’m endeavoring to compile a list of of those that are open to public access. The little ones, the big ones, and everything in between. If I’m successful at all, the fruits of this random labor will result in a series of files by county or town, with addresses and coordinates. (Okay, it’s not totally random… I’m suffering a case of the winter doldrums and crawl withdrawal and fully intend to hit the ground running when spring comes. Budget restraints mean my plans to travel well outside my comfort zone this year have been placed on the back burner… so it’s time to uncover the rest of NH’s charms lol).

Wish me luck, my friends. Until I see you again… crawl with care.